Our brains are particularly well adapted to absorbing information when the information comes through our eyes. SafeDose is built on the belief that visual platforms for data exploration and integration will yield greater understanding of the data and more informed decision making.

At SafeDose, we're on a mission to chan​ge the way chemical limits are set

"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we did not expect to see"

-John W. Tukey

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 In this era of big data, the scale and complexity of data available to set limits for chemicals is ever increasing. This presents challenges as well as opportunities. New tools are needed to interrogate these data sets so that valid information can be extracted and communicated to stakeholders. SafeDose is developing these tools to help human health risk assessors gather, integrate, visualize and report these data

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If you are a nonscientist, general information on what chemicals are and how limits for them are set click here