When we do a risk assessment, we have our chemical's story to tell. Like any good story, there is a perpetrator (the substance) and victims. Telling your chemical's story visually and dynamically has tremendous power.  As pointed out by the Late and very great Dr. Hans Rosling, "Let the dataset change your mindset" Imagine if your risk assessments looked like this:

Data Visualization

As risk assessors, we look at lots of data. In the future, we will likely be looking more and more complex data. This will undoubtedly include in vitro and in silico data streams. When datasets are small, seeing the outliers, gaps and patterns in the datasets is manageable;  As the datasets become larger, the tools that worked so well for us with small datasets, aren't as effective any more.  As pointed out by Mr. David McCandless below, the solution lies in using our eyes more.

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